About MK

MK is an online fashion retailer of quality, edgy, vintage and retro clothing.

We have a passion for sustainability and protecting nature and our environment.

And in a world obsessed with material consumption, we as consumers have the power to change the way fashion impacts on our environment.  We collectively need to become conscious of our choices; buy less, choose well, and make it last (the vintage of our future).

This is where MK fits in, offering quality fun fashion with an edge, without impacting on Mother Earth.

We have done all the hard work for you, and found the choice pieces that are in excellent condition.

But remember that they are pre-loved pieces that have had a former life, and therefore imperfections are a part of its history.


MK ReVamps

MK Revamps are one-off pieces that have been selected for their style, quality and condition and then reworked or enhanced to give it a more modern edge.  They are one-off pieces and have been re-designed and professionally tailored.




Michelle Harris, Business Owner

Lover of fashion, style, nature and sustainability.

Michelle enjoys mixing retro with modern and grunge with designer  to create an individual style.

And feels that “fashion should be fun; the freedom of self expression through clothing”.